Our Nudgee Residential Aged Care Services awarded top 5-star rating for food services

Pictured above, left to right: Jon Usi, Mark Day, Irun Shrestha, Rahul Chawla.

Walk into our Aged Care Residence at Nudgee and you may catch sight of our Eat Safe Rating of 5 Stars which we are now able to display on site and also on the Eat Safe Brisbane website.  

This comes after the Brisbane City Council (BCC) conducted a food safety audit at our Nudgee Aged Care Residence on 27 September. The officer from BCC rated the food services as excellent against the criteria specified in the Food Safety Rating Guide. At the time of the inspection there was full compliance with the Act and a very high standard of food safety management practices.  

“We are very proud of this achievement from our food services team. Providing excellent food and safety standards is vital in any aged care setting.”

Fritha Radyk, CEO of Mercy Community.

The inspection was very thorough with the BCC officer inspecting all food safety documentation, storage, hot and cold holding, sanitation, and temperature monitoring records. In addition to the kitchen, the officer also inspected the four kitchenettes across all the facilities and was impressed by what she saw.  

“Our aged care residents have also given us favourable feedback on our food services, and we will strive to maintain these high standards into the future,” added Mark Day – Hotel Services Manager.  

“Providing excellent care for our residents in our Aged Care facilities is central to our values at Mercy Community. Providing healthy, nutritious, and safe meals to our residents is a vital part of how we support our aging population. We are blessed to have such dedicated teams in Aged Care,” concluded Fritha.  

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