Easter Reflection 2022

Together as Mercy Community we enter the sacred and special time of Easter. This season is a time to remember the Love of God, the Eternal Spirit, present amongst us in the person of Jesus Christ.

In the Christian story, this is a time to remember Jesus, Son of God, coming to us in human form. He came as a living presence making manifest the love and mercy of God to all people. Jesus paid the ultimate price for showing love through healing, restoration and impartiality to all he encountered. He was feared, hated and resented by those who held power, and ultimately put to death for his profound calling here on earth. 

On the third day, Christians proclaim that he was raised from the Dead by the Power of that same Eternal Spirit. This is not as surprising as we may think, in the light of the Creating power of endless galaxies, oceans, mountains and unfathomable mysteries of the Universes in which we exist.  

This power over death and final victory is bestowed on humankind through one man who chose to be faithful to his calling over his own self-preservation. This is the love and conviction whereby Christians and, indeed, those of all life philosophies, may find fulfillment and purposeful life. I am reminded of the quote by Albert Einstein ‘a life lived for others is a life worth living.’ Using our gifts and talents for the benefit of others leads to fulfilling our own lives.

This Easter we are reminded of our vocation through our work with Mercy Community for the benefit of others. We are also called to direct our attention to the plight of our fellow human beings across the global village. What happens to one, happens to us all. Let us be mindful as we think of the way of the Cross, the way of suffering, of those in the Ukraine and other places enduring tyrannical regimes and natural disasters. Let us walk through the Stations of the Cross, in which ever way we interpret this prayer, to enter into their experience and pray for all of our brothers and sisters struggling at this time. This may show up right beside you in your work team or in the lives of those whom you support, as well as those in our global ‘backyard.’

Let us, as a Mercy family, seek Resurrection, new life, peace, and fulfilment through a ‘living prayer,’ of our willingness to be that same light and love to others through our words and actions, that Jesus sought and continues to seek to bring to the world.

I pray you have a very peaceful and restful holiday with your families, Mercy Community.


Shanelle Bennett
General Manager, Mission Integration


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