The Exceptionally Complex Support Needs Program (ECSNP) has been established to support and grow sector capability to ensure participants with exceptionally complex support needs are provided with professional, evidence based supports that can stabilise support requirements and promote independence. 

The ECSNP has been designed to deliver the following three functions:

1. Sector & Community Development & Delivery Activities

    • Build stakeholder relationships in the community, removing barriers for participants with exceptionally complex support needs.
    • Lead and actively contribute to the promotion of knowledge exchange, workshops, best practice guides, market research, identification of sector patterns and trends, and ongoing program monitoring and evaluation.

2. Subject Matter Expertise (SME) Activities

    • Provide education, training, workshops and expert advice within the community and sector.
    • Build the skills, capability, knowledge, confidence and responsiveness required of Support Coordinators.
    • Increase Support Coordinator understanding of disability systems and practice advice relevant to the service system, such as health, mental health, education and justice, etc. to support participants with exceptionally complex support needs.

3. Crisis Referral Activities for participants 18 years & over

    • The After-Hours Crisis Referral line is in place to support NDIS participants aged 18 and over who present to emergency services due to an unplanned and unanticipated breakdown of their disability-related supports and services.

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