Family Matters Program (Family Mental Health Support Service)

Tailored strategies to deliver positive family outcomes.

At Mercy Community, we understand the complexity of mental health and recognise each person’s experience is unique. Our Family Matters team provides support to families through a wide range of situations; whether it be a child who is feeling sad or withdrawn, or a parent/carer seeking to develop their parenting skills. 

Whatever your situation may be, our team is here to support you.

Program specifics…

We provide referral services, counselling and assistance to children and young people – and their families or carers – who are affected by, or are showing early signs of, mental illness.

Our team works with each family to provide a tailored combination of services, including:

  • assessment of their risk and protective factors
  • supportive counselling and family interventions
  • practical assistance
  • referrals to other relevant services as appropriate
  • collaboration and co-ordination with relevant services and advocacy
  • assistance to increase their support networks and minimise the incidence of crisis.

Is the Family Matters program for you?

Family Matters is available to children and young people (along with their families and carers):

  • aged between 0-18 years, who are at risk of developing, or showing early signs of, mental illness
  • where there is at least one adult family member/carer willing to work with the child or young person and the service
  • who live in the Greater Ipswich area
  • who are not under shared or total care of the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
No formal referral or paperwork is needed, so get in touch with our team today to find out more!

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Family Matters program partners

Family Matters is a Family Mental Health Support Service funded by Australian Government Department of Social Services, delivered by Mercy Community.


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