Foster and Kinship Care

Supporting you with everything you need to make a positive difference for a child.

Foster and Kinship Care Explained…

Foster and kinship care is providing a safe, secure and supportive home for children and young people who are unable to live with their birth parent/s.

Mercy Community supports almost 400 generous foster and kinship carers, who provide a safe and loving home environment for some of the most vulnerable children in Queensland.

At Mercy Community, we believe foster and kinship carers are community heroes, and we value their selflessness to open their hearts and homes to children who cannot live with their birth parent/s.

You won’t be doing it alone…

We are dedicated to providing genuine support to our foster and kinship carers, including:

How can you make a difference for a child?

At Mercy Community, we understand that long-term foster caring isn’t for everyone. We also know that every child requires different levels of care.

We offer a variety of care types to ensure the best fit for every carer and every child

You can help nurture and support a child, even if your time is limited by other commitments. Contact us today to find out more about what type of foster care is the best fit for you and your family.

Am I eligible to be a Foster Carer?

Over 18 years of age?
If you’re an adult, you’re able to become a foster carer and enrich the life of a child. You might suit some or all types of foster care, depending on your age.
Single, married or living with a partner?
Whether you’re in a relationship or single, you’re equally eligible to become a foster carer.
Working or staying at home?
It doesn’t matter if you have a full-time or part-time job, or if you’re unemployed, there’s a type of foster care to suit your commitments.
Already a parent?
Whether you have children at home, adult children or have never had children – if you’re able to provide a safe and loving home, you’re eligible.
Citizen or permanent resident?
Citizens and residents are eligible, but even if you’re not a citizen or resident, you can still be considered to become a foster carer.
Living in Queensland?
If you’re in South East, South West or Far North Queensland, then we’re looking for help in your area.

If you’re ready to learn more about becoming a foster carer, download our Foster & Kinship Care Information Pack

Find out exactly what’s involved in fostering a child and discover the best way for you to make a difference.

How to become a Foster Carer

Step 1 - Request and complete your application form
We can help you work through the application, and answer any questions you may have.
Step 2 - Complete your Mercy Community foster care training
We’ll prepare you with comprehensive training to ensure that you’re as ready as possible for a foster child to join your family.
Step 3 - Undertake a fostering assessment
We’ll complete a final check to make sure you’re ready and don’t have any last-minute questions.

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Foster and Kinship Care program partners

Our foster and kinship care programs are funded by the Queensland Govenrment Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women.


Contact a Foster and Kinship Care team near you today!