Assessment & Service Connect (ASC)

Mercy Community’s Assessment & Service Connect (ASC) program partners with families where Child Safety Services are required to investigate allegations of harm to children. 

The objective of working alongside CSS at this time is to ensure families are offered the best opportunity to address challenges they may be experiencing with the least possible intrusion into their lives.

Professionals on the ASC team work closely with families to:

  • understand the range and nature of issues they are experiencing
  • understand what is working well and those things that are making it difficult to keep children healthy, safe and connected.
  • offer short-term, direct support to families in relation to the most pressing needs.
  • offer information and advice to help families access other relevant supports.
  • plan for navigating current and future challenges.

Through ongoing conversation with Child Safety Services officers throughout this process, it is hoped (where safe) they can withdraw from further family involvement.

Our Partners

Mercy Community services are delivered in partnership with the Department of Education & Training, Department of Human Services, and the Department of Child Safety, Youth & Women.


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