Supported Independent Living Program

Equipping young people to transition to adulthood with confidence.

Preparing young people to live independently is a big part of out-of-home care. Offered in Brisbane, the North Coast, Kingaroy and Toowoomba, our Supported Independent Living (SIL) Program prepares young people to make the big move and transition to live independently, while receiving tailored support from people they know.

Our team partners with each young person to:

  • Assess their current knowledge and skills and identify goals/actions they wish to achieve before leaving care
  • Build capacity and skills for independent living
  • Support planning around their education and/or employment pathways
  • Foster necessary life skills and resilience as an independent young person
  • Build connections to community and community resources
  • Build and maintain cultural connections
  • Identify and secure stable longer term housing options
  • Connect with suitable Aftercare Services for longer term support

Young people are equipped and empowered to make their own decisions, and the level of support is tailored to meet their unique needs.

Pre-Supported Independent Living Program

The Pre-Supported Independent Living Program is a ‘stepping stone’ between Residential Care, Foster or Kinship care and the SIL Program. While some young people outgrow their out-of-home placement, they may still require a high level of support before they are ready to enter the Supported Independent Living Program, where young people are encouraged to make their own decisions and build capacity in financial management.

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The SIL Program is offered in Brisbane, the North Coast, Kingaroy and Toowoomba.

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