Mercy Community Services

To support and inspire people in need to live healthy, connected lives within inclusive communities.

Make a Difference

'Since there is very little good that can be accomplished or evil avoided without the aid of money, we must look after it in small as well as in great matters.'

At Mercy Community (MC) we reflect on the past and continuously plan for the future. We maintain our vision and evolve so that we can empower those who are vulnerable, marginalised or in a position of disadvantage in the best ways possible.


Mercy Community Services Individuals


Your enthusiasm, time and support are always welcome and greatly appreciated at MC. Discover the many ways you can support us and make a difference in the lives of the poor, vulnerable and marginalised in our community.

Mercy Community Services corporate partnerships


We know businesses want to make a worthwhile contribution to the community. Discover how MC can create flexible corporate partnerships which utilise your strengths to produce real and lasting change in the lives of individuals and families in need.