Toowoomba team dress in their Easter best

Easter finery was on show at Toowoomba in the inaugural Easter Bonnet Parade. Teams from across the site paws-ed their regular duties to take up the challenge, competing for a selection of chocolatey delights. Prizes were awarded for impact, runway style and ‘Easteriness’, as well as overall. The Counselling team was the standout on the day; their whole-team entry featured a massive bonnet ornately adorned with hand crafted elements from each team member. They owned the rabbit-walk as they hopped to ukulele accompaniment, distributed eggs and held tightly to the feathery guy ropes preventing their bonnet-wearer from being carried away by an errant wind gust. The ‘Easteriness’ category was hotly contested with magnificently intricate entries from both the Foster Care and Connected Families programs. By far the most entertaining of the day was the Runway Style category, an opportunity for some of the more understated entries to impress with their moves. Ultimately, the Women’s Wellness Centre team pranced their way to victory with some classic ‘Blue Steel’ from the Family Intervention Program. All-in-all, it was a wonderful way for the whole site to come together on Easter’s eve for some fun and laughter.

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